IAMCP SoCal membership team had a very successful New Member’s Orientation Luncheon on Thursday, August 17th. The board and membership team have been working on this concept for past several months. It was an invite only event for new members who have joined IAMCP SoCal chapter recently.

What was most encouraging is that out of 11 attendees who did RSVP for the event each one of them showed up. This means we need to do more of it. Our next event will be on Thursday, November 16th in LA area.

The goal of the meeting was to “Help new members navigate the SoCal Chapter and become successful, become active IAMCP members, grow their business and create new partnerships”. Meeting started with everyone introducing themselves. Eric Klauss our Chapter president welcomed the guests, mentioned about the Value of IAMCP, IAMCP SoCal Org chart and other tips on being successful in the chapter and in IAMCP.

It was a U style seating in a separate private room at Citrus Café, Tustin with a Big screen TV presenting the valuable content. Lunch was delicious and attendees were very engaging. After Eric’s introduction Manish Bhardia, Director at Large reviewed the IAMCP Membership handbook and highlighted important content which can be referenced when in doubt. Manish also shared best practices during the meeting and how to start working on referrals.

Christina Cala our Membership chair then started with discussing membership best practices, best use of IAMCP website and follow up techniques. In short, we covered a lot of topic in 90 minutes our first ever session with new members.

If you are a new member to IAMCP SoCal then block the date for next orientation which is going to be on Thursday, November 16th in LA area.