Meet Mike Henstridge, Sales Director at FiveSixTwo and IAMCP So-Cal member. Mike shared with us some information about what he does, how you can partner with him, and what he does for fun. Get to know Mike in this member spotlight and make sure you meet him in person at our next meeting!

What does your company do?

FiveSixTwo is a leader in custom development for the field service and construction industries. With over a decade of experience building and scaling some of the largest field service software solutions, it’s our mission to help achieve your operational goals by maximizing efficiency, productivity, and ROI.

How can other IAMCP members partner with you?

We work with companies ranging from $50M to $1B who have mobile workforces to manage.  Companies in construction, utilities, HVAC, residential services, etc. We are a resource to IAMCP members and partner with them in a way that is most comfortable for them.

Tell us about you!

As the Sales Director, I am directly responsible for building relationships with new clients who need our services. I also spend time networking to form partnerships. I am married to my lovely wife Ann and we have a daughter named Addison. I love to spend time with family, watch sports especially baseball, and I do WWII Living History.

What would you like to say to your fellow IAMCP members?

We understand how important your clients are and will always put yours and their needs first. If you come across a situation that requires custom development, we can offer a free consultation to your client to see if it’s something they really need. Our goal is to gain your trust, show our integrity and to always make you look good to your client.

How can people reach you? (Do you want to include contact information?)

Learn more about FiveSixTwo at and be sure to meet Mike Henstridge at the IAMCP meetings.