Meet Riaan Gouws, CEO of Synegrate

We are excited to introduce you to one of our new members, Riaan Gouws, CEO of Synegrate. If you haven’t had a chance to meet him yet at one of our recent meetings, keep a look out for him next time. Here are some things you should know about Riaan and his business:

What does your company do?

Synegrate helps customers encumbered by legacy IT implementations unshackle their data. We fast-track our customers on their Enterprise Integration digital transformation journeys, leveraging the new boundary-less paradigm of integration, delivering our customers’ data where and when it is needed, empowering their businesses.

More to the point, we do Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Business to Business (B2B) Integration using the Microsoft’s on-premises and cloud based Technology Stacks: BizTalk Server & Azure iPaas.

How can other IAMCP members partner with you?

We are open to work with any company and any industry. Our discipline of enterprise integration usually spans all industries, although the majority of our customers are in Retail, Healthcare and Manufacturing. We will and have shared opportunities with other IAMCP members and we are open and flexible to partnering opportunities.

Tell us about you!

I am the principal at Synegrate and my roles are business development & marketing, architectural and technical oversight in most of our integration based implementations. I am married to my beautiful wife, Selmarie (and business partner), and we have a wonderful 12-year-old daughter, Meaghan.

What would you like to say to your fellow IAMCP members?

We all know that the cost of acquiring new clients is high. One of the best strategies is to build out our existing client bases; explore new opportunities with them. We already have the clients that we have, why not expand our reach into these clients through partnering. It builds a better and trusted relationship with our clients and shows our companies as being thought leaders. This can be done through partnering.

Synegrate will value the partnership that we forge with our IAMCP friends. We will value the partnership and the customer and very importantly, the trust you have built with your customer.

How can people reach you?

Visit our website for more information Reach out to me directly: or +1 949 264 2451.

I also try to attend every meeting, so look out for me at the next IAMCP meeting!

5 Simple Partnering Activities You Should Start Now

Four or so years ago, I walked into my first IAMCP meeting in Irvine. I met so many people that day and have continued to meet someone new every single meeting I’ve been to since. After a while though, just meeting lots of people won’t be enough to justify all the time spent out of the office. You need to start turning your pile of business cards into productive partnerships that are bi-directionally beneficial.

Of course, our ultimate goal is to get to a point where we are referring business to other partners that fill an expertise gap our client needs filled and vice versa. But the partnering should begin before the client raises their hand asking for help. Here are five activities that will help you make the most of your membership and begin getting tangible value from your partnerships.

  1. Leverage IAMCP Tools to get connected – Outside of the in-person meetings, IAMCP offers all kinds of tools and platforms that allow you to connect with other members. First and foremost, make sure your profile on the IAMCP site has been updated with your photo, contact information, and a detailed description of what your company does. If you are looking for other members to help with a client need, that’s a great place to search and those updated profiles make it much easier.

Secondly, take advantage of social media to connect with IAMCP and other members. Take a few minutes to find IAMCP So-Cal on Twitter and LinkedIn, and start looking for other members there too. Once you’re connected with everyone, it makes it easier to keep up on each other’s product updates and events, but it also helps you build meaningful relationships.

  1. Do a Content Swap – Most marketers share in the struggle to keep finding fresh, relevant, educational content they can share with their audiences. This challenge provides the perfect opportunity for you to leverage your partnerships and share educational, thought-leadership content to post on each other’s websites and blogs. There are a few really compelling reasons you would want to do this: linking content to each other’s sites will help both companies with SEO, your clients will know about these additional services you can provide, and it will broaden the search terms that will drive potential customers from the search engine to your websites.
  2. Plan a Client Appreciation Event – With your powers combined... you can plan a really fun event that your clients will love and come away with some new prospects! All you need to do is find a few partners that offer complementary solutions, decide on a venue, promote it and split the costs.
  3. Do an Email Campaign – Spread the word about your new partnership! Send an email to your clients to let them know about the new solution or service you can offer them by way of this new partner. Offer them a compelling call to action like downloading an ebook, whitepaper or video on the challenges your new partner solves so you can track who might be interested in working with them. From there you’ll be able to make introductions and start referring business.
  4. Say it with a Video – There are few things more engaging than a quick video. Letting people see your face and hear your story is much more compelling than having to read it. Have someone film you and your partner talking about a mutual success story or just the ways your two companies partner together. That one video can live on the web forever and be a continual draw to potential customers who may want to work with you. Revisit points 1-4 here for other ways you can leverage that wonderful video content.

Next time you go to an IAMCP So-Cal meeting, come prepared to propose one of these five activities to one of your fellow members. Or better yet, take out that stack of business cards you’ve been collecting at all these meetings and give someone a call. If you and your partner get hung up on the execution of any of these ideas, let us know and we’ll be happy to help you get it going.

Meet Mike Henstridge, Sales Director at FiveSixTwo

Meet Mike Henstridge, Sales Director at FiveSixTwo and IAMCP So-Cal member. Mike shared with us some information about what he does, how you can partner with him, and what he does for fun. Get to know Mike in this member spotlight and make sure you meet him in person at our next meeting!

What does your company do?

FiveSixTwo is a leader in custom development for the field service and construction industries. With over a decade of experience building and scaling some of the largest field service software solutions, it’s our mission to help achieve your operational goals by maximizing efficiency, productivity, and ROI.

How can other IAMCP members partner with you?

We work with companies ranging from $50M to $1B who have mobile workforces to manage.  Companies in construction, utilities, HVAC, residential services, etc. We are a resource to IAMCP members and partner with them in a way that is most comfortable for them.

Tell us about you!

As the Sales Director, I am directly responsible for building relationships with new clients who need our services. I also spend time networking to form partnerships. I am married to my lovely wife Ann and we have a daughter named Addison. I love to spend time with family, watch sports especially baseball, and I do WWII Living History.

What would you like to say to your fellow IAMCP members?

We understand how important your clients are and will always put yours and their needs first. If you come across a situation that requires custom development, we can offer a free consultation to your client to see if it’s something they really need. Our goal is to gain your trust, show our integrity and to always make you look good to your client.

How can people reach you? (Do you want to include contact information?)

Learn more about FiveSixTwo at and be sure to meet Mike Henstridge at the IAMCP meetings.

New member orientation luncheon was a success

IAMCP SoCal membership team had a very successful New Member’s Orientation Luncheon on Thursday, August 17th. The board and membership team have been working on this concept for past several months. It was an invite only event for new members who have joined IAMCP SoCal chapter recently.

What was most encouraging is that out of 11 attendees who did RSVP for the event each one of them showed up. This means we need to do more of it. Our next event will be on Thursday, November 16th in LA area.

The goal of the meeting was to “Help new members navigate the SoCal Chapter and become successful, become active IAMCP members, grow their business and create new partnerships”. Meeting started with everyone introducing themselves. Eric Klauss our Chapter president welcomed the guests, mentioned about the Value of IAMCP, IAMCP SoCal Org chart and other tips on being successful in the chapter and in IAMCP.

It was a U style seating in a separate private room at Citrus Café, Tustin with a Big screen TV presenting the valuable content. Lunch was delicious and attendees were very engaging. After Eric’s introduction Manish Bhardia, Director at Large reviewed the IAMCP Membership handbook and highlighted important content which can be referenced when in doubt. Manish also shared best practices during the meeting and how to start working on referrals.

Christina Cala our Membership chair then started with discussing membership best practices, best use of IAMCP website and follow up techniques. In short, we covered a lot of topic in 90 minutes our first ever session with new members.

If you are a new member to IAMCP SoCal then block the date for next orientation which is going to be on Thursday, November 16th in LA area.